Issue Seventy-Four
Published May 2017
“Pluto The Skate”



A Note on The Divinity of Bobby Murcer • Brian Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. Dick • David Moscovich
Carnival Log • Ed Markowski
On the Minds of Aging Directors: Federico Fellini’s and Ken Russell’s Memories and Regrets • Mike Mosher
Before The Hurricane • J.B. Hogan
All Tomorrow’s Smarties • John Richen
Mount Baldy • James Beach


Issue Seventy-Five
Published September 2017
“Mosaic Of Remnants”



Is That Your Real Nose? • Brian Doyle
My Baby How Are You Fine • Becca Hall
Exact Change • Laine Perry
Cannonball • John Richen
Masks Keep Mother Quiet • Alex Clark-McGlenn
My Direct Genealogical Lineage • Michael Estabrook
The Bumper Sticker • Chuck Kramer


Issue Seventy-Six
Published February 2018
“House of Owls”



Jerry Nolan’s Wild Ride • Marc Covert
Schuss • Julio Peralta-Paulino
A Brief Theory of Heartbreak • Becca Hall
Marcel • Laine Perry
A Cup of Coffee • Adam Kluger
Body Politic • Ed Markowski
Flashbacks • Christine Tothill


Issue Seventy-Seven
Published June 2018
“A Stratified Silent”



Brackets • David Moscovich
The Streetlight Glow • Ana Maria Spagna
Alternatives • Jeremiah O’ Hagan
Orphans • Ed Markowski
The Winds of Time • J.B. Hogan
On Grunge • James Beach
Like A Surreal Salvador Dali Painting • Mark Tulin


Issue Seventy-Eight
Published September 2018



Brown • Gary Moshimer
Sage Advice • Ed Markowski
Life In The Stone(d) Age  • Chris Wilkenson
Time • Laine Perry
Re-Up • J.B. Hogan
Like A Coven Of Witches • Mark Tulin
The New Test Stand • Michael Estabrook


Issue Zero-Zero
Issue ReMix • April 2019



My Time In The Land of The Untouchables • Paul Ash
Death Of A Naturalist • Caroline M. Davies
The Keys To The Highway • Mike Morgan
Shape Shifting • Cedric Popa
Taco Tuesday • Laine Perry
‘Cos You’re Mine • Jacqueline Downs
Stories • Papa Osmubal


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