practice your handwriting

But you would not have seen these words if I had not practiced my hand


g. david schwartz


The best advise I ever got was… well the best advise I ever received
was to speak correctly. Speech is, or was, the most imprint and
difficult way to communicate. But if you were not a good, an
intelligent speaker it would beer vastly important to think and indeed
I head that advise many times while growing.
Very many times, although I don’t know why, this single word was
followed by, typically, three other words. Think, Gosh dang it, or
think, you stupid ass. Yet these were mean. So I will not venture into
the facts about thinking or rather about yelling.
One terrific was to avoid yelling foul language is to think. Thinking
is one of the best pieces of advise to be given and to be headed.
But you would not have seen these words if I had not practiced my hand
writing. For those of you who do not have any pencils, pens of ink. you
who use a computer keyboarded, what will you do if you are out walking
on the side of the road and you are hitchhiking and you get picked up
by either the state police or a friendly hitch hiker, and you do not
have and cough drops and your thought is raw from hollering at drivers
who just pass you.
If you had thought, you will know, if you have not read this short
essay, that practicing your handwriting will end being very helpful.
I think this is sufficient to say what is most important. More
important than math, more important than
and unbelievable so, more important than season tickets for the
football team of your choice.
Practicing handwriting.
Had I not practiced my hand writing I not only would have failed
handwriting 101, 102, and 103 but sending notes to my high school
girlfriend and having her be able to see the writing and read them.

Originally published:
Issue Sixty-Eight
April 2014


G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book. Currently a volunteer at the Cincinnati J Meals on Wheels, Schwartz continues to write. His latest book is Shards And Verse (2011, Publish America). Names are not real people.

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