2013 – 2016


North Fork Bridge

Issue Sixty-Five
Published January 2013
“Electric Phase”


“Deisbhéalach” • Brian Doyle
North Fork Bridge • Ana Maria Spagna
Ready to Bloom • Christine Tothill
Lecture On Exhibitions • James Beach
46 Years Later • Mike Estabrook
Rage • Mel Fawcett
The Apostate • J.B. Hogan
My Daddy’s Ashes • Chuck Kramer
The Undotted Eye • Ed Markowski

Issue Sixty-Six
Published April 2013


When I Was On His Lap • Ed Markowski
The Good And Perfect Thing • Laine Perry
In the Café Rue de Turenne, Charlerois, Belgium,1943 • Brian Doyle
Swimming Upstream • Christine Tothill
Mrs. Henderson • Max Andrew
A Cowboy Saves the Congregation • Tom Fillion
Doghouse • J.B. Hogan
Love Like Honey • Jason Jackson
Why The Irish Eat Early • Michael C. Keith


Issue Sixty-Seven
Published July 2013
“Wild Things Are”


Errata • Brian Doyle
Fifty Miles • Ana Maria Spagna
In The Temple of the Lawless • Ed Markowski
My Hologram Jesus Necklace • Laine Perry
Trans Mission • Michael C. Keith
Dr. Joe From New Mexico • Michael Estabrook
So Stupid • Mel Fawcett
Two Flashes • Gary Hewitt
House With The Black Door • Nick Wisseman

Issue Sixty-Eight
Published April 2014
“Carnival Ride?”


Second Place • Denis Bell
Mr. Kim’s Song • Brian Doyle
A Brazilian Sense of Humor • Joeseph Giordano
Winging It • Gary Hewitt
Nailed • Michael C. Keith
Talking To Strangers • Dan Morey
Birthday Wishes • Jeremiah O’Hagan
Practice Your Handwriting • G. David Schwartz
One Crazy Guy • Jerry Vilhotti


Issue Sixty-Nine
Published July 2014
“You’re A Movie”


Ms. Pacnikovman vs. Dostoyevsky • David Moscovich
Chong Soup • J.T. Townley
Catch • Brian Doyle
A Normal Day • Christine Tothill
Courtroom D • David Michael Joeseph
Reunion • Ed Markowski
Directions • Alex Clark McGlenn
On The World Cup: June 2014 • Mike Morgan
The Battle of Claremont Park • Fred Russell

Issue Seventy
Published October 2015
“Heavy Powder”


The Language Of Their Bodies • Brian Doyle
Bird Dream • Ana Maria Spagna
Teeth • Laine Perry
Hubris Was Julius Caesar’s Achilles Heel Too • Michael Estabrook
Three Flashes • Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
Solve For X • Chels Knorr
The Gong Show • Ed Markowski
St. Beib • Gary Moshimer
In Cars • Jeremiah O’Hagan

Issue Seventy-One
Published January 2016
“Pariah Dogs”


Fishing In The Pacific Northwest: A Note • Brian Doyle
Refugee • Ed Markowski
Casanova’s Travel Log • Michael Estabrook
I Am Horse • Paul Handley
Out In The Country • J.B. Hogan
Unprecedented • Adam Kluger
Love Story • Gary Moshimer
Slide: A Love Story • Laine Perry
The Making of St. Gianni • Jerry Vilhotti

Issue Seventy-Two
Published April 2016
“Army Ants”


If The EPA Merges With PETA • James Beach
El Camino Real • John Brantingham
The Seven Foot Guy • Brian Doyle
The Worst Hangover • Adam Kluger
A Glutton’s Prayer • Ed Markowski
Uncle Louie • Jeremiah O’Hagan
On The Path Of Rhythm • Trevor Richen
Accepting The Consequence • Christine Tothill
Room Full Of Strangers • Mark Tulin

Issue Seventy-Three
Published July 2016
“Space Suit Self”
Final Issue at Legacy Site


Loving Julia • Amy Corbin
Boxing Out: A Note • Brian Doyle
Dante In Florence • Michael Estabrook
Time Pieces: The Trial • J.B. Hogan
The Sketchbook • Adam Kluger
In A Capitalist Country • Ed Markowski
Breathlessly Yours • Mahesh Nair
The Mallard • Jeremiah O’Hagan
Fiesta • Christine Tothill


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