2010 – 2012



Issue Fifty-Seven
Published March 2010
“Shrunken Heads”


Reddish Purple • Julio Peralta-Paulino
Archive • Jacqueline Downs
Beyond The Mountains • Ed Markowski
The Year’s Best Kept Secret • Laine Perry
What Was He Thinking? • Brian Doyle
Inconceivable Wilson • J.A. Taylor
Three-Flash • Munter Jack
Stampede • Mel Fawcett
The Nixon Tapes: Part Two • Kyle Hemmings

Issue Fifty-Eight
Published June 2010
“Sickle Clowns”


Being Cool • David James Duncan
Seamus Doyle: A Note • Brian Doyle
Cha • Ajay Vishwanathan
Sincerely, Tiny Tim • Kurt Eisenlohr
On The Golf Course • J.B. Hogan
Postcards From Nebraska • Ed Markowski
Juvenile Peak • Adam Moorad
Transylvanian Bladder: A Tale of Terror • David Moscovich
Will All Boats Rise on the Gray Tide? • Charles D. Phillips

Issue Fifty-Nine
Published October 2010
10th Anniversary Issue • Retrospective
“Ten Years Gone”


Mr. Grant’s Rant • Ten Years Gone
Leap • Brian Doyle
Their Bodies Are Needles • David James Duncan
The Van That Got Away • Laine Perry
Fractured Constellations • Kurt Eisenlohr
Road Trip With Camus • Troy Dockins
The Big Cheese • Mike Morgan
Poppy Moraigne • Misha Cahill
Keep America Beautiful • Brendan Costello


Issue Sixty
Published April 2011
“Pacific Ocean Blue”


Slow Connection • Ana Maria Spagna
A Note On The Actors • Brian Doyle
Unambitious • Jacqueline Downs
An Act of God • Ed Markowski
On Soccer • Mike Morgan
Four Flashes • Munter Jack
On The Off Chance that the Universe is Astir: A Reckoning or Two • Julio Peralta Paulino
Tea Potters, Mad Hatters and a Ball of Confusion • Charles D. Phillips
Social Life • Mike Sauve

Issue Sixty-One
Published July 2011
“Generation Landslide”


Punk Rock and Trailer Parks • Mike Mosher
Mr. Somebody • Christine Tothill
The Boom Boom Room • Brian Doyle
Three Flash • Papa Osmubal
Feel Me Gone • Laine Perry
Valentine • Matthew Harrison
Southern Hospitality • J.B. Hogan
Painter’s Park • Ed Markowski
Nomad X: An Excerpt • Andrew Minh

Issue Sixty-Two
Published October 2011
“Both Ends Burning”


To Remember is to Pray • Brian Doyle
La Linea • Ana Maria Spagna
The Orange Vest • Amy Corbin
‘Cos You’re Mine • Jacqueline Downs
Thursday’s Child • Michael Estabrook
Once in a Lifetime • J.B.Hogan
Paco Watson • Ed Markowski
Garland Jeffreys: The King of In-Between • Mike Morgan
The Trip To Wrigley • Mike Sauve

Issue Sixty-Three
Published April 2012
“Your Gold Teeth”


You Need To Go • Amy Corbin
Guys Who Knew Guys • Brian Doyle
This Poetry Business • Michael Estabrook
An Inch from the Edge • Ed Markowski
Three Stories • Munter Jack
The Curious Hollywood Conspiracy Against F. Scott Fitzgerald and How it Came Nearly to an End • Julio Peralta-Paulino
Oregon • Laine Perry
Duster • Mike Sauve
Imprisoned • Christine Tothill

Issue Sixty-Four
Published July 2012
“All Fall Down”


Stories • Papa Osmubal
Five Flashes • James Beach
An Incident in Nebraska • Brian Doyle
15 Church Street • Gary Hewitt
A Small Concussion • J.B. Hogan
Four Flashes • J.H. Johns
Son My • Michael C. Keith
MLK For Dummies: An Excerpt • John Rachel
From Ancients On and On • Jerry Vilhotti


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