poetics unleashed: bill carney (2)


The Punisher

The sky opened and I was talking to a hand,
Like the Hawaiians or a CRAZY person
Or someone from the Mediterranean.
After so many cold shoulders saying, “Talk to the hand, son”
I don’t get annoyed by the son part, though
Historically speaking, God has been drawn
To crazies, and once appeared as a hand reaching to Adam
Painted by that famous guy, the Italian,
The one who sometimes did not use a last name.
like Madonna, but the Virgin
likes children and specialized in appearing to them
but as Felllini has noted, they could have been crazy ,too.

“Comme meme” I said off-handedly,
trying to throw Him off the scent despite
His Vaunted Reputation as the “All Knowing” one.
Believe me, I’ve known some know- it-alls and they are
No fun. Like a broken record already, going on,
If anymore anyone listened to records,
that’s what happens when you’re out of time.
Like a Monk tune with its crazy rhythm,
A drunken bicycle, a stoned conversation
In this amen corner the heavy weight
Saying “vengeance is mine” again, which
I believe for reasons previously noted by Blaise
Pascal And St. Augustine but it’s not like
It’s written in stone or anything even when
His handiwork is everywhere.


Yours Truly

Received word from Yours Truly again!
Naturally it was about Him. Another received
Opinion from him. Him Truly!
Another dispatch from (or for) the bin. Truly
Great things are happening and for him!
It took longer than six days but he’s put
A whole new spin on and improved
Creation. In consultation with a guy named Julian?
He’s pretty busy but being Yours Truly
Can be a burden. He’s so busy, me, I couldn’t
Get a word in. I just wanted to tell him
I Know that he is super important.
And there is no time to talk not
Even in shorthand. His time for others less
Important has been shortened. At last he
Gave me his final warning. Watch what
you say about Yours Truly or
our friendship might have to end.


Originally published:
Issue Thirty-One
June 2004


Bill Carney is a founding member and contributing editor to the late, lamented Lurch Magazine. He is also the leader of not one but two renowned New York City bands: Les Sans Culottes and Bill Carney’s Jug Addicts. In addition to his many literary and musical endeavors, he maintains membership in several secret societies and is a master when it comes to cooking with curry. More from Bill Carney can be found in the Vault of Smoke.

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