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The requirements are simple: Send your piece of prose, propaganda, art or photos to: (replacing red text with this word: fuel). Please use the word “Submission” or “Smokebox” in your message subject header as spam is an oppressive issue and general scourge on  humanity.

Smokebox loves experimental fiction, flash fiction, reviews and essays.  It’s backbone is art, stories and story-tellers.  We don’t do comment sections below articles.  We are much less inclined towards overt cultural or political ranting now than in our earlier incarnation, however art pieces acting as a defense against the onslaught will always be carefully considered.

Send any text either as an attachment or as the text in an e-mail message. Any photo’s or art can be e-mailed as attachments, in .jpg or .png files.

Realize that Smokebox remains now, and has always been, a non-commercial contributor-based online art installation constructed by a ragtag assortment of writers, painters, poets and blowhards.  It is funded out of one pocket, it ain’t cheap, and we don’t generate any income from it at all.  So we are unable to pay for content of any kind but we promise to try and make your work look good and keep it available to all online.

You can also use the comment field below for general queries or feedback.

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