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Jimmy when inebriated thought that he was affable, gregarious, a ladies man, but he wasn’t it spilled out in a miasma of obnoxiousness, pugnacity, he created a vorax and all were engulfed….”   by paul kavanagh   It’s bloody raining, screamed Jimmy. It’s not raining love, pleaded Sue. Let it…

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So I listen to the litany of malaise that have left him precarious but I starts to get bored so I starts telling Uncle Sammy that he looks green, that he has a look of chlorosis about him. I rub his scrofula. I tell him I sense erysipelas. And I…

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a quiet drink at the ship

Enuresis was a fear that plagued Lattimore; he had known a chap that pissed at the most malapropos moments. He would be standing, say in a bank when suddenly his pants would steam and a puddle would form around his shoes….”   by paul kavanagh   “Now the best scenes…

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