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I’m waiting to have five tiny, ill-placed teeth removed from my tiny five-year-old mouth with the aid of surgical pliers and a cylinder full of nitrous oxide. I’m waiting in a waiting room with my mother…”   by munter jack   1. THE LODGER This is what he does, does…

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four flash

And the city is going about its business of being the great big unstoppable organ of aspiration that it is, refining and streamlining the human experience. And the stumbling block lies there, half dozing…”   by munter jack   1. CAUSE AND EFFECT What causes you? Are you a common…

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three stories

Didn’t know his name but I recognised the moon boots and the razor-blade earring. Put his fist through a glass panel in the back door of a pub during an argument with his girlfriend, on the night after the night of the Christmas party. Sat on the door step, face…

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