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Yesterday I saw a documentary about veterans of a World War II prison camp. A veteran said the best thing about being free was ‘being able to say no’ again….”   by misha cahill   Black night of black stars. Our car sat under the Hopeville Bridge, alongside the other…

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the infiltrator

I had heard that redheads smelt different to other people. It was some sort of chemical thing – an enzyme….”   by misha cahill   Wind whipped in under the portcullis and dragged in wet air. Rain fell lightly outside the veranda, lit up like snow by the dim security…

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poppy moraigne

Her nails were done, buffed, with clear polish. When she talked she sounded like a needle dragged back over a record — as if she swallowed her own words….”   by misha cahill   When she came in, I couldn’t move. She had brown hair, parted to the side. Other…

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