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social life

I felt like freedom was just around the corner, but we had chosen to cheer on some products instead. I was seized by an ill-timed burst of conviction….”   by mike sauve   I used to love eating wings with my old buddies back home. The Lions Club offered great…

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the trip to wrigley

To a man who came of age in the 60s, paying $10 for a little airplane bottle was more than offensive, it was blasphemy against all that was good and rational…”   by mike sauve   At the last minute we invited my cousin Jamie along. His parents were even…

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They’d yet to do any duster, and they joked proudly of this, even though it was only 11 a.m. You had to appreciate the ludicrous irony of duster inhalation or it was no fun at all. The first thing they did was pull out three cans….”   by mike sauve…

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