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like a coven of witches

The only thing I’ll miss here are the free lunches provided by the drug companies on Wednesday afternoons—especially the delicious Cobb salads.  Those annual bonuses were chickenshit…”   by mark tulin     “We hate to see you go,” my supervisor said, patting his heart.  “You have been one of…

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like a surreal salvador dali painting

Instead I walked out onto the Costco floor and everybody seemed magnified times ten. I could see the creases in people’s faces, the moles on their cheeks….”   by mark tulin     “You know your head shakes,” said the optometrist while asking me to read the letters on the…

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room full of strangers

The strangers didn’t care about how I felt and what I needed, they just wanted to dip me in holy water and cleanse my spirit. They wanted me to carry a cross up the hill and rise from the dead….”   by mark tulin   My father’s lover, Rosalie Chalinski,…

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