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seven to eleven

Sleeping with you is like wearing some other guy’s dirty underwear….”   by larry kimmel   He worked in the sintering plant that supplied cinder to the blast furnaces.  It was night-shift and there wasn’t much that needed done. The stairs to the cellar were like a fire escape, and…

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the deal and what it amounted to

You went the whole way?  You let this guy feel you up for two hundred dollars. There’s a name for that, Carla, and laws, too…”   by larry kimmel   How was it?” “Strange,” Carla said, shaking her hair loose after taking off her rain protector. “So what was the…

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a fine farewell

She was standing below where the streetcar would stop if there was a streetcar this late, and she would not look up. She was standing so lovely in the feathery snowfall, her black hair all spilled over the white of her coat…”   by larry kimmel   I was too…

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