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joe’s life

Ordinary songs seemed momentous when played before and after his voice. He would take live phone calls, forecast the weather, analyze a new album and deliver a brilliantly pithy joke all in the 30 second intro to the new Michael Jackson song….”   by kevin sampsell   Joe sat in…

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the outside of this place

I turn a few pages, seeing photos of her at beaches, at parties, at formal gatherings, with relatives. There was one that showed a white guy with a big mustache kissing her neck from behind and pushing up on her breasts with his hands. It embarrasses me for some reason,…

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After the first two weeks a childhood habit was disturbingly sparked to life. I started to go through the communion line twice, craving for the toasty cracker-like ‘Body of Christ’ I was able to curtail this nagging ritual only after breaking into the church after dark and stealing a whole…

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