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From above comes a loud ripping sound and a flaming Bonzo gong is bashed and there is the tinkling of tubular water chimes and a warm feeling running down your leg and your freaking resident Buddha Nature psychopath named Laozencius shows up in a lift-kit small guy sitting on a…

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ryan adams: low and lonesome

But perhaps Heartbreaker‘s greatest triumph is that even with its vast emotional scope, in a time when Adams would seemingly be best suited relying on the form he knows so well, he ventures into new realms…”   by john richen   There are few musical experiences in my life that…

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all tomorrow’s smarties

I’m not he but his pre-cast prep instructions are executed meticulously.  Hearing is believing, and believing is catching and for this moment catching is the best of all three..”     by john richen   Here: Ponderosa and Tamarack watch as a solitary child stands on a flat rock shelf…

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