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from ancients on and on

Since Roman times everyone knew those kinds of dreams foretold hard hard times like dying of hunger Great Depression and wars that killed to death innocence…”   by jerry vilhotti   The mother told this Johnny, see-er of globs of substance on top of eggs thinking the moving film were…

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one crazy guy

He strongly suspected the hyphenated American had no business attending his school from which eighty percent of the student body most of whom he would proudly say were of his ‘race’ would enroll in college….”   by jerry vilhotti   Nutsy Harridan had another bright idea to go to a…

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the making of st. gianni

Gianni would hear the word “fair” and many bad names against his nationality often in Burywater and finally realize that when that word fair was used the opposite would more often happen.…”   by jerry vilhotti   Gianni went to his first day of school in Burywater, having all ready…

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