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Sometimes the paint went thickly over the photograph, mummifying it until you could barely see what was underneath; sometimes it just bled off the photos as though crying primary-coloured tears onto the canvas. I named this strange hybrid ‘paintography’…”   by jacqueline downs   I wonder only briefly what will…

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This last bit was not the whole truth. She had cried a little, but only because everyone else was. A few years later she would shed real tears for Martin Luther King and then for her Cal…”   by jacqueline downs   She only half-remembered what she had been doing.…

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‘cos you’re mine

So he’s got an incurable degenerative condition? So he claims he’s going to decline and disintegrate, fall away from life? Well, I’ve got news for you honey, I’d think. We’re all going to fall away…”   by jacqueline downs   Once upon a time I wished for two things: that…

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