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I studied him more closely, toying once more with the clone idea. He had the perfect features and hair, the even white teeth. I pictured an army of them out there, working but having no real home or families…”   by gary moshimer     The wife and I needed…

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st. bieb

Rome was not going to let them land. No one was supposed to land during the pope thing. They chattered urgently to the pilots in Italian. The pilots laughed. The jet was plunging, but they were playing a flight simulating video game instead of real flying…”   by gary moshimer…

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love story

My parents were at some church function. It was her mother, and she stabbed little holes in the doors and siding, and screamed that Molly was not of this world. I called for the police, but we only had one officer, and he was at the church thing…”   by…

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