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on salmon and the soul

Hatfield on the other hand plays with our minds and insults our finest biologists by lying that Columbia/Snake river salmon are thriving. The 90% reduction in wild fish and numerous exterminations of coho, sockeye, and other species caused in just 25 years by four Snake River dams apparently doesn’t concern…

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of love and prayer

If the wordless yearning or broken-hearted sigh of the Muslim and Jew and Buddhist nun and wordless child and brujo and kahuna at prayer is not equally pleasing to the One True Listener, to hell with prayer…”   by david james duncan   The only unfailing guide I’ve ever found…

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extinction stops here

Commercial and sport fishers, next time you hear a buddy grumbling over what some other Lower Columbia fisher is or isn’t allowed to catch, tell him he’s being a tempest in a Stanley thermos cup. The truth is: untold millions of endangered smolts are being annihilated each year not by…

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