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marks the place

I did say to him that I may not remember. Told him I had trouble with words these days – too many of them have gone from my head….”   by caroline m. davies   The Ash on an Old Man’s sleeve is all the ash the burnt… was it…

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death of a naturalist

Last time I saw you I needed twelve stitches. I told the police I’d press charges, but they couldn’t find you, believed you’d fled abroad….”   by caroline m. davies   I take a long sip from my glass, filling my mouth with the white wine taste of summer meadows…

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Eventually she made me understand the end of my nose had gone white. So I ended up thanking her and hugging her like she was my real grandmother….”   by caroline m. davies   Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone We used to sing that in school.…

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