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mrs. duncan

Julia bought a mourning dress at the Lazarus department store, a boxy white tower that rose haughtily over downtown Columbus. Her widow’s costume was a black silk shift, with a subtle filigree made from tiny black beads sewn into the fabric….”   by brendan costello   Julia watched a lemon-colored…

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apres l’orage: mardi gras 2006

Many come out to cheer the Krewe of Dreux, some in white HazMat jumpsuits that are the unofficial uniform of reconstruction…”   by brendan costello   This year’s Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans coincided with the six month anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Brendan Costello, a New Yorker who has…

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keep america beautiful

He takes off his creased Stetson to look in the eyepiece of the camera, puts it back on the second he moves away. Faded denim, dusty, wornout boots and a plaid work shirt, always with a stiff pack of cigarettes in the pocket. He smokes like a champ, a fucking…

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