Assemblage: 2017

So it’s been a bit of a tumble, this last year.  Life got slippery.  Good soldiers were lost.  The world definitely got weirder, louder and meaner.  Getting the original Smokebox rebuilt and then successfully migrated to a new home turned out to be pretty involved, and once the new version went live I was pretty much poleaxed.  So it’s been a quiet few weeks but we still plan on continuing this project as long as we get the pieces needed to build a box a few times a year.  The submission info here is actually accurate and both the contact box and email address now function as advertised.  If you’re old school Smokebox and already know how to get a hold of Marc or John via their personal emails you can communicate via that route too.  Either way, send us something fun to run with.  After 17 years it seems silly to hang up the spurs now.

In any event, we’ve got a handful of good stuff in the pipeline coming soon including words from Smokebox regulars David Moscovich, Ed Markowski, Mike Mosher and the inimitable Brian Doyle.

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