Here, again

If you have found yourself here you have found the new home of Smokebox.  The original site which was designed in Adobe GoLive had become so obsolete as to become completely unmanageable without considerable time and money investments that weren’t in the cards.  Every effort has been taken to maintain the quiet, barren atmosphere of the original design.  Smokebox has since day one been about words and pictures and colors and feel.  An anti-distraction in an increasingly frenzied medium.

While there are some limitations, this new WordPress version of Smokebox has a number of advantages besides economics of effort and resource — most notably the massive upgrade in site security and far more efficient searching and indexing of archived material within the site.  It should be much easier within this WordPress shell to quickly locate old stories, interviews etc than on the legacy site.  Also, each issue is mapped for the 1st time in the Vault of Smoke.  You can quickly search a list of writers who have contributed, and link to all of their contributions.  It is still nothing flashy or modern by today’s standards, but the words and pictures and colors are the point.


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