courtroom d

Hunger has me
We drive to Denny’s
I order pancakes….”


by david michael joseph


A sunny morning
Greets my tired eyes
I arrive at Long Beach
Municipal courthouse
Courtroom D
To see a friend, Dubs
It’s been a few months
He’s going on trial for a lustful indiscretion
Bordering lewd
I enter the courtroom
It’s packed
It’s Long Beach
Of course it’s packed
My friend Prieto has saved me a seat
Row four, far to the right
Next to him is
Dubs mother, old, thin, hippie
Flower child from the Days of free love
And system hate
Next to her
Dubs girlfriend, sexy, pretty, El Salvadorian, with the eyes of a wolf
They both disliked me
Yet, I wanted the man-eater
As I sat down an icy sensation filled
My body
I think it was the hate hugging me
I take my seat
A Latino man dressed in
Prison blues enters
He’s twenty something and suave
He’s done this before
He’s relaxed
The judge says a few words
The man is gone
My friend Dubs enters
Scanning the room, like an animal
Searching for an escape
He’s nervous
A rookie
Rock jaw quivering
Broad shoulder shaking
By his looks jail
has been rough on him
We make eye contact
“What up D”, he whispers
The judge says a few words
He stands, turns and is gone
Prieto and I leave
We go to his condo down the street
off Magnolia
We smoke green from a ceramic pipe
We watch Youtube on his desktop
A tutorial on splitting atoms
From Sweden
I am captivated
The Swedes are genius
(Why don’t they run the world)?
With their meatballs and blonds
We watch a tutorial on picking a lock
We watch a tutorial on coin tricks
I zone in on the screen
Prieto shows me
A social network profile page
He tells me its Dub
I am freaked out
It’s the profile of a sixteen-year-old girl
I want to leave
Hunger has me
We drive to Denny’s
I order pancakes
They tasted like the third best pancake
I had ever eaten
For some reason
I felt like smashing atoms
All of them

Originally published:
Issue Sixty-Nine
July 2014

David Michael Joseph is an alternative writer, poet, and filmmaker from the great state (tongue in check) of New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles hoping to breath a breath of fresh air into the literary world.

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