so you wanna be a smokeboxer?

Well, it's a noble aspiration to be sure, but the requirements are simple: Send your piece of literature (a term very loosely applied around here) propaganda, art or photos to: . Please use the word "Submission" or "Smokebox" in your message subject header as spam is an oppressive issue around here and as we get a boatload of it we dump before we read unless we have a reason.

Send any text either as an attachment (MS Word is fine) or as the text in an e-mail message. Any photo's or art can be e-mailed as attachments, preferably .jpg, .tiff, or .gif files but we can work with just about any of them. PLEASE: Keep the size down to a meg or two at most -- we're gonna knock them down sooner or later anyway to keep the site running as quick as possible.

If you need to send material via snail mail please contact Marc Covert for a direct address to mail your materials to. If you want your material back, be sure to send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope for the acronym impaired) to faciltate a not so speedy return.

(Note: we are currently looking for good artists, photoshoppers and digital artists to assist in illustration of the various features we run. If you are interested in helping out with art for smokebox email John Richen. Also, we are particularly interested in generating more commentary type pieces -- political, cultural, historical -- at this juncture to compliment the large amounts of fiction submitted. If you're feeling pollution-fueled, send us your stuff today! You should get some kind of response back within a week or so. This does not mean we make our choices that quickly, but rather that we have your stuff and may be considering it for future publication. If you do not hear from us please email us again and MAKE SURE THAT THE WORD "SUBMISSION" is in the subject header.)

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