the chief was my favorite
(for ken greeley)

I remember when Lou Albano
with his fake arm cast cracked open
Chief Jay Strongbow's skull
How the Chief tried
to war dance his way out of it
On Channel 17 the Chief vomiting
blood pouring down his face

Chief Jay Strongbow was the only one
to resist BlackJack's Death Grip to foil
Stan Staziak's Heart Punch the only one
to rise up while in Johnny Hart's Sleeper Hold
Unlocking these villains and triumphing

I remember the Chief's best partner
Ivan Putski the Polish Hammer
how they beat the best tag team goons
the Grand Wizard and Freddie Blassie
equipped with foreign objects

Chief Jay Strongbow beat Killer Kowalski,
Ivan Volkov, George the Animal Steele,
The Sheik, Mr. Fugi and Professor Tanaka

The war dance lifted Chief Jay Strongbow
from the middle of a pounding
He'd start to twitch, shake his head
the dance would begin his knees rising
feet stomping head moving with his whoops
the opponent punching him from behind
chasing his certain end
Then the miracle of the Chief
he'd stop his face more proud
than 1000 Mount Rushmores
His body rigid for a moment his feet
stutter stepping the rhythm to be unleashed
his head bobbing again the spirits filling him
he'd turn and bash the bad guy tormentor
His dance returning to full force
with each crunching blow

In the living room I destroyed furniture
I ran into walls, slammed doors, elbow smashed
the hassack, came off the top rope of the sofa, spun
in screaming circles of good guy ecstasy
like the tv crowd in the clutch of my favorite
Chief Jay Strongbow

-- anthony george

dog gone: for buster

Dug a hole at dusk with a spade
Opened the box wherein he lay
Took up the weight once proudly saved
Nestled his head on a root - Stay.

-- rob cole

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