david james duncan
john backderf
johnny ramone
tom tomorrow
greg sage
doug pomeroy
adam voith
christopher swain
brian doyle
clermont ferrand
the monkey boy
pope benedict XVI
shane schneider


skin tax • brian ames
mrs. henderson • max andrew
double duece • greg barbera
plummeting• lydia barker
five flashes • james beach
second chance • denis bell
be a man • eric bennett
the stumbling conquistador • mel bosworth
el camino real • john brantingham
twenty dollars • misha cahill
client • misha cahill
poppy moraigne • misha cahill
dear diary • bill carney

fat city • bill carney
charlie reed • bill carney
unplanned adolescence • bill carney
the law of information • david connelly
you need to go • amy corbin
the orange vest • amy corbin
the one thing • amy corbin
keep america beautiful • brendan costello
the new mrs. duncan • brendan costello
frozen • caroline m. davies
death of a naturalist • caroline m. davies
marks the place • caroline m. davies
without her • j.j.deCeglie
tales of the avant garde • troy dockins
road trip with camus • troy dockins
hangin with ghandi • troy dockins
simpler times • troy dockins
'cos you're mine • jacqueline downs
unambitious • jacqueline downs
archive • jacqueline downs
the language of their bodies • brian doyle
mr. kims song • brian doyle
errata • brian doyle
guys who knew guys • brian doyle
the boom boom room • brian doyle
a note on the actors • brian doyle
the fox • brian doyle
the affair • brian doyle
turk street • brian doyle
denny cooney tells three stories • brian doyle
malo • brian doyle
the lord has need of them • brian doyle
yoda • brian doyle
blue • brian doyle
mule • brian doyle
a confession • brian doyle
mine • sharon edwards
fractured constellations • kurt eisenlohr
another saturday night • kurt eisenlohr
texas isn't anywhere • kurt eisenlohr
meat won't pay my light bill (1) • kurt eisenlohr
meat won't pay my light bill (2) • kurt eisenlohr
something in the way • kurt eisenlohr
stay • kurt eisenlohr
all good swimmers • kurt eisenlohr
debt • kurt eisenlohr
carl's head • david erliwine
casanova's travel log • michael estabrook
hubris was julius caesar's achilles heel too • michael estabrook
dr. joe from new mexico • michael estabrook
46 years later • mike estabrook
this poetry business • mike estabrook
thursday's child • mike estabrook
patti's big blind date • mike estabrook
new mexico • mike estabrook
it's hard to sleep in sweden • michael estabrook
so stupid • mel fawcett
rage • mel fawcett
stampede • mel fawcett
a cowboy saves the congregation • tom fillion
the curly shuffle • tom fillion
here be dragons • d.e. fredd
model citizen • paul freeman

the ghost of paullette goddard • donna gagnon
divina • donna gagnon
the box • vanessa gebbie
this coliseum of mud • ron gibson, jr.
requeim in d • ron gibson, jr
a brazilian sense of humor • joseph giordano
my eyes are sticking out of my head • barbara godwin
sanbaisanshrsan • john gorman
three flashes • mitchell krockmalnik grabois
buried memories• louise graves
one more time • allan gunter
thox • allan gunter
i am horse • paul handley
missile • michael harold
valentine • matthew harrison
earache • t.r. healy
the nixon tapes part 2 • kyle hemmings
stick in the sky • j.l. hepler
winging it • gary hewitt
two flashes • gary hewitt
15 church street • gary hewitt
personal rehab • gary hewitt
news • gary hewitt
burn your belongings • david hoenigman
out in the county • j.b. hogan
doghouse • j.b. hogan
the apostate: an excerpt • j.b. hogan
a small concussion • j.b. hogan
once in a lifetime • j.b. hogan
southern hospitality • j.b. hogan
on the golf course • j.b. hogan
a slap in the face • j.b. hogan
a loud hum • j.b. hogan
the stuntman has a headache • michael hulme
meantime pudding • michael internicola
the yellow triangle • michael internicola
dusty's dusty trail • dan irwin
love like honey • jason jackson
i make lists • jason jackson
glitter stars & eyes bright blue • jason jackson
good for the heart • andy jenkins
four flashes • j.h. johns
courtroom d • david michael joseph
man on the edge • karina kantas
a quiet drink at the ship • paul kavanagh
pavonine • paul kavanagh
glass • paul kavanagh
nailed • michael c. keith
trans mission • michael c. keith
why the irish eat early • michael c. keith
son my • michael c. keith
a fine farewell • larry kimmel
the deal and what it amounted to • larry kimmel
seven to eleven • larry kimmel
chet hickock & what he was like • larry kimmel
the worst hangover • adam kluger
unprecedented • adam kluger
solve for x • chels knorr
the fake baby con • larry kovaks

hog palace • karl koweski
goat mendez • karl koweski
my daddy's ashes • chuck kramer
thomas and I • pete lewis
beware the botfly • thomas manning
a glutton's prayer • ed markowski
refugee • ed markowski
the gong show • ed markowski
reunion • ed markowski

in the temple of the lawless • ed markowski
when i was on his lap • ed markowski
the undotted eye • ed markowski
an inch from the edge • ed markowski
paco watson • ed markowski
painter's park • ed markowski
an act of god • ed markowski
postcards from nebraska • ed markowski
beyond the mountains • ed markowski
1986 • ed markowski
case #122735-a • ed markowski
what could have been • ed markowski
cheevers • ed markowski
room 458 • ed markowski
phone call from las vegas • ed markowski
marathon avenue • ed markowski
americans • ed markowski
since i started dancing • ed markowski
directions • alex clark-mcglenn
nomad x • drew minh
riding the super buick • drew minh
talking to strangers • dan morey
the amazing technicolor bridge • mike morgan
juvenile peak • adam moorad
ms. pacnikovaman vs. dostoyevsky • david moscovich
transylvanian bladder • david moscovich
leadership saddles • david moscovich
voices from the fictionary • david moscovich
tree / rope • david moscovich
love story • gary moshimer

st. bieb • gary moshimer
three stories • munter jack
three-flash • munter jack
four flash • munter jack
uncle louie • jeremiah o'hagan

in cars • jeremiah o'hagan
birthday wishes • jeremiah o'hagan
a decent remedy for human ills • c.c. parker
i dwarf you • ritah parrish
on f. scott fitzgerald • julio peralta-paulino
the unkown is astir • julio peralta-paulino
reddish purple • julio peralta-paulino
generation obloquy • julio peralta
spring • julio peralta
parti pris • julio peralta
man is hopeless • julio peralta
red • julio peralta
slide: a love story • laine perry
teeth • laine perry

my hologram jesus necklace • laine perry
the good and perfect thing • laine perry
oregon • laine perry
feel me gone • laine perry
the year's best kept secret • laine perry
taco tuesday • laine perry
the van that got away • laine perry
pirate pete • laine perry
leftover wine • laine perry
caliguluck • laine perry
oceanside truth • laine perry
teachers • laine perry
new ground • laine perry
sea legs • laine perry
ghost in the skin • laine perry
the hunger specialist • laine perry
free ride • laine perry
these trees are made of glass • laine perry
through the bottle darkly • laine perry
canine mathematics • jonathan pinnock
battle station gnu • cedric popa
shape shifting • cedric popa
god bless • dave prescott
mlk for dummies • john rachel
new olde me • john richen
five blocks • john richen
end game • john richen
fresh blood • j.d. riso
gus anderson • andrew riutta
rise up with me, willis • susan rosalsky
let me tell you something • susan rosalsky
ten minutes and counting • rob rosen
shut your eyes and pray • rob rosen
the battle of claremont park • fred russell
barking mad • kevin saidler
on the docks • j.r. salling
the trial of don bilioso • j.r. salling
joe's life • kevin sampsell
the outside of this place • kevin sampsell
bodies • kevin sampsell
duster • mike sauve
the trip to wrigley • mike sauve
social life • mike sauve
bubbly • dan schneider
practice your handwriting • g. david schwartz
nate crumpley • g.david schwartz
what to burn • hunter stern
letter from an american soldier • joel harold tannenbaum
eric has a bad day • cally taylor
accepting the consequence • christine tothill
a normal day • christine tothill

swimming upstream • christine tothill
ready to bloom • christine tothill
imprisoned • christine tothill
mr. somebody • christine tothill
off line • christine tothill
bling • christine tothill
frog's legs • christine tothill
the things i miss • christine tothill
cheerful pie • christine tothill
adrian and the plain brown cover • christine tothill
archie's chapel • christine tothill
chong soup • j.t. townley
room full of strangers • mark tulin
inconceivable wilson • j.a. tyler
at least it's a process and predictable • joel van noord
the making of st. gianni • jerry vilhotti

one crazy guy • jerry vilhotti
cha • ajay vishwanathan
stand up ernie baxter • adam voith
offensive • matt waterman
where the buffalo roam • dennie wendt
anything for anna • joel willans
the name • joel willans

space • zack wilson
the clancy brown eingma • joe winter
house with the black door • nick wisseman
self-examination • vanessa woolf-hoyle


my time in the land of the untouchables. • paul ash
if the epa merges with peta • james beach

lecture on exhibitions • james beach
hudson river swim • nicole bowmer
crazy or not: on christopher swain • nicole bowmer
dead babies: palahniuk's lullabye • john brown
a fish at the beginning • john brown
the name of the king • john brown
remembering ken kesey • marc covert
pollack in portland • marc covert
howls from a hungry place:
on moritz thomsen • marc covert

off to the side: on jim harrison • marc covert
apres l'orage: mardi gras 2006 • brendan costello
john henry days • brendan costello
drift • troy dockins
the seven foot guy • brian doyle
fishing in the pacific northwest • brian doyle
catch • brian doyle
in the cafe ru de turenne •brian doyle
deisbhéalach • brian doyle
an incident in nebraska • brian doyle
to remember is to pray • brian doyle
seamus doyle: a note • brian doyle
what was he thinking? • brian doyle
the people of west kalimantan • brian doyle
does circumcision really hurt • brian doyle
what's it all about • brian doyle
meeting marvin • brian doyle
bin laden's crewcut • brian doyle
the stars • brian doyle
unfishing • brian doyle
lost dog creek • brian doyle
flagrant foul • brian doyle
leap • brian doyle
a failure of imagination • brian doyle
instructions to the new puppy • brian doyle
what it was • brian doyle
being cool • david james duncan
extinction stops here • david james duncan
of love and prayer • david james duncan
salmon and the soul • david james duncan
their bodies are needles • david james duncan
uncle kurt • kurt eisenlohr
preoccupations • raymond federman
banana republicans • clermont ferrand
power, names & words • carlos fuentes
monsters of antiquity • kevin p. keating
open letter book review • jerome klinkowitz
turning my curriculum vitae... • pete lewis
the circle • ed markowski
genius to bacon • jason martin
anti-social pastoral velvet • stephen mead
on the world cup • mike morgan
the roaring blinkies • mike morgan
refusniks down south • mike morgan
the price you pay • mike morgan
don't leave now • mike morgan
keys to the highway • mike morgan
the big cheese • mike morgan
dulcinea's dusenberg • mike morgan
the business of the empire • mike morgan
imperial reckoning • mike morgan
stories • papa osmubal
three flash • papa osmubal
on hac sa beach • papa osmubal
a conversation with the beggar • papa osmubal
a conversation with an expatriot poet in macao • papa osmubal
tea potters & mad hatters • charles d. phillips
bourbon & the blues • charles d. phillips
on fly fishing with smarties • john richen
on drinking to the death of dictators • matthew rinaldi
bird dream • ana maria spagna
fifty miles • ana maria spagna
north fork bridge • ana maria spagna
la linea • ana maria spagna
slow connection • anna maria spagna
moving bodies & light • mathew syzmanowski
loma prieta & the meaning of everything • mathew szymanowski
from ancients on and on • jerry vilhotti
baseball & reincarnation • dennie wendt
swiftboat veterans for ichiro • dennie wendt



reverend billy and the mouseketeers from hell • brendan costello
docudramatica • marc covert
casino pigouts • marc covert
chuck jones: exit stage left • marc covert
the ballad of tv violence • marc covert
fast food nation • marc covert
fear factor's cruel reality • marc covert
pearl harbor drops bomb on greatest nation • marc covert
spores and stripes: dan rather's lunatic fringe • marc covert
reality tv drops bar again • marc covert
the bush dyslexicon • marc covert
summer camp cage match • marc covert
when karoake ruled • rob drew
it's only t & a, but i like it • kurt eisenlohr
thank you my brother • kristina eldredge
no fear for irony • kristina eldredge
get to work • kristina eldredge
american voters: the real chad • robert fineberg
buko: born into this • p.l. george
just think about it • jane goodall
cut the crap • michael moore
hollow victory • mike morgan
letter to the editor • david moscovich
the chomps play the science fair • mike mosher
ain't nothin' but rock • mike mosher
stupidity: uses and abuses • robert levin
no man's land • mike morgan
will all boats rise • charles d. phillips
notes on a time of crisis • tom tomorrow
a short course in home improvement • j.r. salling
toxic • joel van noord
the scent of the naderites • jon weatherford
notes from a refrigerator carton • jon weatherford
booze: the anti-bush • jon weatherford
the b team • jon weatherford

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goodbye joe strummer • smokebox contributors
floating: big star moments • john brown
guided by voices open the suitcase • john brown
john hiatt: moments in time • john brown
paper angel: on kurt cobain • john brown
jack white & lord byron • bill carney
friend or faux • bill carney

jimmy page: magus, musician, man • marc covert
thin lizzy live • marc covert
jimmy page & the black crowes • marc covert
linnton riot remembered • marc covert
chocolate genius: concert for a fallen sky • brendan costello
meeting bruce • brian doyle
cruisin' for music in the superstore • rob drew
sincerely tiny tim' • kurt esienlohr
the gasser • lord buckley
garland jeffreys: the kingdom of in between • mike morgan
brian wilson at asser levy • mike morgan
los lobos • mike morgan
root cellar: j. pinamonti • mike morgan

a day in the life • mike morgan
ruminations on graham parker • mike morgan
this is it, baby: blasters live • mike morgan
garland jeffreys at the village underground • mike morgan
dion: king of the new york streets • mike morgan
derf's punk rock & trailer parks • mike mosher
powertrane: ann arbor revival meeting • mike mosher
the life and times of howlin' wolf • mike mosher
comet tales: 'mats n' roses • john richen

valentine killer: ryan adams live • john richen
the sublime sonics of airport 5 • john richen
dream brother: searching for jeff buckley • john richen
pictures in the sand: ray davies gets it right • john richen
guided by voices: isolation drilled • john richen
the hallucinatory world of jeffrey pumpernickel • john richen
the filth & the fury: sex pistols come clean • john richen
born to lose: the last rock and roll movie • john richen
hardcore troubadors: jeff tweedy & steve earle • john richen
ryan adams, low and lonesome • john richen
on the path of rhythm • trevor richen
my impression now • john sellers



notes on the poem Ggfddfg • brian doyle
bar haiku 1
bill carney/mike morgan
kurt eisenohr/anthony george
anthony george/rob cole
bill carney II
bill carney III
susan rosalsky
susan rosalsky II
trevor richen
mark twohy
lydia barker
chris major
shaun belcher
bill carney III
michael internicola
kurt eisenlohr
duane locke
john pinamonti
mark gaudet



n.f.l. foodchain • bill carney
so you wanna be a surfer • troy dockins
on soccer • mike morgan
hell for leather (1) • mike morgan
hell for leather (2) • mike morgan
hell for leather (3) • mike morgan
spaceman bill lee • mike morgan
sputnik monroe: twisted steel and sex appeal • mike morgan
the perfect game • mike morgan
if football were a shakespearean sport • g. david schwartz
rebuilding mode • matt waterman
sports make sense • matt waterman
life imitating art imitating tyson • matt waterman
draft day party • matt waterman
team colors • matt waterman
steroid hysteria • matt waterman


mr. grant's rant

where the hell is eisenhower?
the eyes of dr. strangelove
where's my machine gun?
you're a mean one, mr. grinch
don't be cruel
tai-chi-on -speed dancing
hot dog cures indigestion
i'm tired so get lost
revolution number nine
the nature of the beast
war of words
pollution-fueled what?
blame the tears
the outdoor type
cuban pickle crisis
the plundering herd
fast forwarding in reverse
the alternate universe
low carb graze
the homo bomb
road rash vs. road rage
double-digit desperados
re: gurgitators
a fish story
chickens at the roost
pipe squirts you may have missed
blood lust and coho flies


moritz thomsen's mill run

lamb of god
state of war
smoke stained teeth
dogs of war
dangerous game
yuletide madness
the manure blues
fat cat dinner party
fall 1944
tap dancing bird


the root cellar

country compilations
dexter gordon
maddux bothers and rose
moon mullican & wynonie harris
snooks eaglin
titans of the tenor sax
hank williams
yazoo blues
lester young et al
gene vincent & link wray
ellington: blanton webster band
joe grushecky
the three kings
little richard
doc boggs & roscoe holcomb
cheap roots for the masses!


my fluent mundo

ralph ellison and lorrie moore
dawn powell and zadie smith
eileen myles and sam lipsyte
lydia davis
vollmann & salinger
vollman (pt 2) & gaitskill

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